FABNexus, Inc
Custom Instrument Automation Software

FabNexus, Inc.

Custom Instrument Automation Software
PCR Thermal and Optical control software
QSFP10 and QSFP25 quad channel optical communications
I2C and USB interface and device control
Qt specialist – cross-platform development and debug
Linux and Windows platforms
Real-time with Linux Xenomai, Windows TenAsys Intime 

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Professional Affiliations: ACM, PATCA, CNSV, IEEE



Automation and motion control, communication appliances, distributed control and data collection software.

Silicon Valley and SF Bay Area based FABNexus excels in the rapid development of custom instrument automation software. Expertise in bio-science applications, semiconductor, data communication, and similar industries. FABNexus develops custom instrument automation software, machine-control and networked automation control systems. Proven track record of successful large and small engineering projects, encompassing a range of industries and applications including

  • Bio-sciences
  • Real-time Xenomai Linux consulting
  • Semiconductor manufacturing control, automation and test
  • Computer networking and telecommunications
  • Optics – communications and measurement
  • Aerospace and defense
  • Machine and Instrumentation Automation
  • Specialized materials
  • Scientific and Industrial Instrumentation

Extensive software expertise in

  • Motion, pressure, thermal, and power control
  • Web-based remote control and data collection
  • Robotic automation
  • Real-time control and data acquisition
  • Inspection
  • Tests and diagnostics

Core skills encompass several programming languages and computer platforms for developing custom solutions, and when appropriate leveraging proven off-the-shelf software components, resulting in accelerated development times while generating high quality robust customized software. FABNexus provides clients with precisely the right resources when and where they are needed.

For the semiconductor manufacturing sector the Company has SEMI compliant SECS GEM protocol products that can be used “off the shelf”, or customized for specific needs. These include high performance and robust ‘portable’ SECS-I and HSMS driver libraries for most popular operating systems. We have off-the-shelf libraries available today for Linux and Windows platforms. Contact sales for pricing and delivery options.

The experienced engineering team at FABNexus is adept in providing the right technology, service, and product solutions to meet your needs. Using the appropriate resources reduces risk and supports effective achievement of your technical and business goals. Using FABNexus services as an extension of, or addition to, in-house software teams can provide significant, differentiable value, both in the results delivered and in time-to-market. Advantages include:

  • Synergistic consulting/contract services and products – software and hardware
  • Skilled resource pool from which to draw
  • Specialized embedded systems, I/O drivers and network protocols expertise
  • Ability to expand and reduce the team as needed (cost management)
  • Assurance of project-specific long-term support

Based near San Jose, Santa Clara, Palo Alto, Mt. View, Sunnyvale, Fremont, Pleasanton, San Mateo