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Advanced Development Tools for Software Development Consultants

This article discusses selecting and configuring a flexible and effective development system which supports overlapping independent software development projects. A thriving software consultancy must be capable of supporting multiple clients over a given period of time. While separate computer systems[...]

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Software Management Pitfalls

As an independent software development consultant who has practiced full-time in Silicon Valley since the early 1980’s, I’ve encountered some rather interesting situations over the years. This posting discusses two separate new client prospects that contacted me within a few[...]

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Designing Software for Reuse

FABNexus – The benefits of reusable software components have been understood by software development specialists for decades. An on-line search will locate numerous publications that elaborate on this topic (see Schmidt for example). The potential benefits of software reuse are[...]

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Developing Cross-Platform Applications

When specifying new applications, FABNexus recommends that decision makers consider the benefits of developing cross-platform capable software. Cross-platform development requires specialized development skills and a portable programming language and graphical user interface (GUI) library, but it offers valuable benefits. These[...]

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